Why Do You Create?


Why Do You Create?

by Stephanie Nicole


In a world of chaos and confusion, why even bother?

Cold waves of grief are washing over this nation as we sit with a small eastern Saskatchewan community. This is the stuff of our worst nightmares, a nauseating fear of every parent who has ever sent a child on a roadtrip.

I grew up with hockey, music and Jesus. When you’re in a small Prairie town with long cold winters, there’s not much else to do. My Bible School years were spent in the very same Land of the Living Skies and my path crossed with those who are now deeply rooted in the Humboldt community.

All our hearts are broken.

When the billows roll, we are compelled to process our grief in various ways. I am drawn to writing as a catharsis for my pain, even if no one actually reads a word of it. Thoughts move from my heart and mind through my fingers onto a keyboard and out into the world. Prayers travel through my inexpensive blue Papermate pen onto cream-coloured paper in my favourite journal, the one I covered in pretty blue flowers that remind me of prairie summers. Only the Lord reads those, and I know He knows even the ones I cannot bring myself to write down.

In grief, there is only silence at first. And then, slowly, the process begins: the unearthing of all the emotions and the search for something greater that we can tie ourselves to so we don’t drown.

Creativity is a gift from the Lord as we process the things life brings us.

Whatever your creative passions are, you have them for a reason. Your unique perspective works itself into everything you do, and as you process your life, others are learning from you.

Do not stop.

Be silent for as long as necessary. And then, let it flow. Let God do His work in your heart through the creativity He has given you.

Why do you create?

Let it be for the glory of the One who created you first.

(Stephanie Nicole is a radio personality, blogger and worship leader. You can catch up with her at withstephanienicole.com.)