God Is Doing BIG Things

Original Post -December 12, 2016

“God is doing really big things in small places!”

These powerful words from our friend and guest, vocalist and celebrated vocal coach Charmaine Brown. And never had it been more true, and we all whispered an “amen.”

God truly is doing really big things.

We had our latest WIMM Canada SW Regional Event a couple weeks ago on Nov. 26 and let me just say, never has it been more clear that the women in our area are full of vision, full of compassion, and committed to pouring into one another as they fill up on the things of God.

It makes the heart sing.

As we went through the morning, I couldn’t stop smiling. God was orchestrating divine appointments, new friendships, supportive connections, and furthering our desire to use our careers and gifting in a way that could only bring glory to Him. It was an awesome thing to witness.

Gathered in 100 Huntley Street’s Towne Square, we got to know each other and reconnect over a sweet brunch and a super fun WIMM Census with directions from our M.C. and Secretary/VP of Operations Sherry Stahl to dive in and get to know each other around the table better. Our fearless leader and President,
Hollie Sackett-Reid was with us this season, and what a thrill it was to have her in person! I know I’m not the only one who would say we’re thankful to have such inspiring ladies leading us!

As always, there was amazing practical and spiritual teaching. Barbara Dowling, VP of Finance introduced us to FaithLife Financials own Kelly Zinger, who spoke about the importance of being a good steward of our finances, and we loved this quote from her that said, “Money is a tool, not a goal!”  I especially liked hearing that there is an emphasis, within a Christian setting, on educating and including our kids in their various services provided.

I also was asked to present something practical but from a tech angle, and so the ladies were introduced to the design and editing platform that is Canva.com. Can I just say how much fun it was, to ignite the ladies imagination and possibilities for their branding and social media needs! SO much fun!

Finally, we got down to business. Our guest and beautiful vocalist from theworshipvocalist.com, accompanied by her talented husband Jason, was Charmaine Brown, and we were ushered into the rest and presence of the King right there around the table. You could feel the Spirit with every word she sang, and you could also feel the weight of her testimony with every note. It was powerful to hear her encouraging message for the morning, that God will always use what we offer to Him if our vision is embedded within His. “Let your secret place of God be the same space for your creativity.” I don’t know about the other ladies, but her words to me felt like holy instruction for working on any dream within the scope of His plans. And also how much He restores to us as we give everything over to Him.

We left that morning, fed with more than physical food. Fed with truth, fed with scripture, fed with equipping on so many levels, fed with friendships expanding everywhere you looked as ladies swapped information and contacts and laughter. Fed with the things of God!

If you’ve never had the chance to join us at a local or regional event, I pray you watch for the next one! What could be better than scores of women mentoring and building one another up under the direction of the Good Good Father?

I can’t think of a single thing.

And I can say through experience and without hesitation, you’ll walk away changed when you do.

Christine Duncan
Christine is a blogger, writer, speaker and photographer.
She is the WIMM Representative for the Hamilton region.

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